First party of the Year!

Saturday by night Leo and Jona-san gave a party in their new apartment.

It's not a big apartment but pretty at all.

Mariana was came with me. After 6 o'clock everybody comes. Jona was with Naho-chan, her japanese girlfriend; Dane and Saul was there too with some friends from their kendo class.

We was playing Pictionary but my team lost ( T___T ) haha even when we where the most skilled.

Naho-chan is the cute japanese girlfriend of Jona-san. She can speak in english but i prefeer to talk to her in japanese. I was a little bit shamed to talk to her in Japanese because my japanese is not so good right now. But, she is the most kind japanese girl i've talk in my life. Even when my japanese was not so good she speak to me and try to understand everything i said.

We were talking about music and i was very surprised when she listened "Melty Love" of Shazna and she sang that song with me, she told me very exiting “I know that song!” and sang the choir with me.

And even though Jona-san told me that she was not a "manga Otaku", she has already read some Manga like ParaKisu and Nana, she was very interested when i told her why i'm studing Fashion Design. Haha she is a very pretty girl.

Naho-chan Hontou ni Arigatou Gozaimashita, korekara motto nihongo wo benkyo shinakucha!!!

My friends are freaks of Kendo, Anime & Manga and Japanese culture. Some of my friends practice Kendo and they was watching some Videos of their practices.

I was reading some magazines and watching manga of Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. I think i'm going to buy some mangas of Vagabond, because the inkind is very good. I'm not a Takehiko Inoue's fan but i really love the way he draw, he is really a master inking (well, HE and his 10 assistants!!).

My friends was drinking a lot, but i was really not aviable to drink so much, recently, i don't like so much to be drunk.

In the morning i was talking with Leo about Tokyo 19 projects for this year, and hum~!!, i hope we can do everything we tough, beacuse i think we gonna be very busy in the next months.

I love my friends!

oh! by the way, i get back my RG VEDA's manga!! Yay!!

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