Life's Signal

Well, it's been a long while since my last aportation. But i'm alive and i still walking in the world and i'm not alone, i have my beloved kuroneko beside me and we're not standing side the way, we still walking and walking across the world.

The last months i've been drawing a lot and i've been doing things that i really wanted to do long time ago.

I left the fashion design school two months ago for personal reasons, but i'm still into fashion, right now i'm making fabric's roses.

I was so desperate last weekend for coloring an ilustration so i made this like a little challenge, because i'm pretty bad drawing violins and i started to draw this and finally was lovely and i decided to give this to kuroneko as a little present because i've never finished some drawings i've made before specially for him.

The result was this cute girl with a "gekkabijin" as headdress and an electric violin. Originally she would be blind, but in the last moment i draw in her face that beautiful violet eyes.

For now this little illustration is here to brighten your day or make you feel better or simply to steal a sigh or a compliment, but nevertheless, if only you can see beyond what the image itself is, I'll take it as a gift for my soul.

This is for you beloveb Kuroneko, the beauty of this illustration is only a reflection of love in your heart, and then i love you!!!!!