Best Wishes for 2010

Well, the first decade of the millenium has gone, and i'm still wonder what future is bringing on?. This year is decisive for me, i got to do many things i'm planing many years ago, even when i'm not ready enough, tought.

The first days of this new year has gone pretty good. As the year starts, i think this would be a better year at all. Even with the strange economic crisis around the world, i think many changes came with the months.

So well. My boyfriend gave me the best present int hole story of my christmas's presents. Time ago i talk him about some scketchbooks and notebooks named "Moleskine", and this christmas i recibed 2 white sketchbooks and one storyboard sketchbook. Moleskine's books are really pretty. And even thought they "sale" this as the "mythical sketch and note book that many artists and writters used", it's really high quality, the paper has a nice texture and the design is pretty and useful.

But, if you like to know something, this is not a magic book. But, if you think in everyone around the world who buy this kind of books thinking about what they will do for the future in this little books (as everyone of the artists and writters that used this books in the past), maybe this could inspire you very very much, as i am right now.

This is really THE BEST present i ever got in christmas in my hole life, Thank You very much Kuroneko!!!! i'll really give my best to do something great in everyone of this books. I love you!

So, the year just starts, LET'S HOPE THE BEST FOR EVERYONE OF US!!!

Have a Nice and Happy 2010!!!!!!